The founder of Trika Yoga Art Ashram Society is Swami Amrit Mahamedha - a yogi as well as an artist who began his yogic and artistic journey from very childhood. He did it so naturally and spontaneously by following a path which was manifested by his Manas Guru- Abhinava Gupta Pada (Bhairav Avatar) who was a great yogi, aesthetic, poet, musician, and philosopher. But most of all, his guru was a great exponent of the Trika tantric tradition of Kashmir.

Swami Amrit Mahamedha was born at July 27, 1949 ten kilometers from the ancient Hindu Jwalaji temple (the temple of the Sacred fire) in Surahan, in the region have historically been called Agban, Aryabijan, Adarbaygan, Azerbaijan (country of holy fire), The former, then part of the USSR.

Since early childhood, it felt weird for the environment, his spontaneous ability to meditate, experiments with the breath, complex posture of the body (Asanas), as well as creativity, especially to the visual arts and music. In 11 years he was admitted in the Moscow art school, later attended State Cinema Institute.

In the seventies his spontaneous innate qualities are developing and deepening through practice of an Authentic Himalayan Tantra Yoga, Sanskrit classes by prof. Linnart Maell at the university of Tartu, a former student of Lama Dandaron who died in the late seventies in the soviet GULAG.

Swami’s lifestyle, the nature and form of its creativity, claimed as surrealism and religious (prohibited then in the USSR), and especially the personal connection with Sri Rajneesh (later Osho), Prof. Maell, Lama Dandaron, unwanted exhibitions of his paintings abroad, etc. have led to the fact that in the early eighties, he was sent in the prison, after an abortive attempt to put him in the mental institute. In connection with the onset of the so-called “restructuring" and the subsequent release from "correctional facility." Short before Swamiji's imprisonment Swamiji received his initiation, which was a direct manifestation of Lord Shiva himself.

Swamiji leaves the union of Soviet socialist republics and for years living in Germany and Spain (on Mallorca), where he meets his friend Matti Klarwine, an artist, a disciple of S. Dali and E. Fuchs.

After the European period Swamiji moves to India, where in the Himalayas in the North and later in the South in Tamil Nadu Swamiji realized the final part of his journey back Home, to the Source.

In 2008 Swamiji founded the Trika Yoga Kala Kshetra Ashram Society to preserve and promote authentic yogic tradition and arts. With support of Swamiji’s sincere followers, an ashram is established in Tiruvannamalai, at the foothills of Arunachala,  (mountain of Sacred fire) in 2014. After a short period of seclusion in 2016 Swamiji leaves his body. Swamiji reached Mahasamadhi on July 3, 2016. Swamiji's body is buried at the ashram, according to Indian customs, at the feet of a banyan tree and near the ancient shrine of Vediyappan (Lord of the Forest, said to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva).