The realization of such a large project (as the one described at this website) is virtually impossible without the support from people who also have an interest in preserving and developing the Tantra Yogic tradition-- the tradition of experiencing ‘Satyam’, ‘Shivam’, and ‘Sundaram’(Truth, Supremacy, and Beauty) through Tantric Fine Arts.

This ashram and Art Centre is a charitable, non-profit organization and therefore can only be established and fulfill its task by the help that it receives in the form of donations. The students which are visiting our ashram are participating in the foundation and the further growth of this ashram. The ashram is mainly managed by volunteers, as we feel the urge for a place where spirituality, arts, self sustainable, natural way of living are harmoniously experienced. All fee donations are used for the development and maintenance of this ashram and farm.

For further information about supporting TRIKA YOGA KALA KSHETRA ASHRAM SOCIETY,
mail at 

Thanking you for your participation in the development and maintenance of our ashram!