The Tantra Yoga Sadhana courses in the ashram are guided by yogi and artist Swami Amrit Mahamedha. The course includes topics as science of environment, yogic topography of human being, emotions, mind, consciousness, individual karma, family karma, collective karma, partnership, sexuality and yogic/ayurvedic lifestyle.  


(Minimum 14 days.)

(Minimum one month) for advanced students.

(Minimum one month) at this moment only visual arts course available.

(Minimum 1 month) after participating at least one Tantra Yoga Sadhana Course successfully.

V PERMANENTLY living at the ashram
(After following the volunteer program successfully for at least 6 months.)


In Southern India, Tamil Nadu at Arunachala (mountain of holy fire) we have founded our TRIKA Yoga Art Ashram Society. TRIKA ashram is based on ecological and traditional lifestyle in a natural environment. We are providing to students and visitors private rooms with attached bathroom and view on Arunachala Mountain and sunrise.


We serve vegetarian traditional South Indian homemade food during beginner’s courses. Herbal tea, milk (from own cows) and fruits will be served. Natural drinking water is available.

Dress Code

All students are recommended to wear traditional Indian dresses which are available at the ashram. These dresses are part of sadhana (spiritual practice), which is related to the whole practice of transformation from limited individuality into universal state of being. By wearing these clothes all students are dressed in one color, this creates a certain atmosphere which intensifies energy. It makes stress not on difference, but on universality; not sameness, but on oneness.

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga (selfless service) is an integral part of the course and provides an opportunity for students to participate life of the ashram.


Participation in the educational process at Trika ashram has three stages:

Admission will take place after a preliminary examination is given in the form of receiving the student’s admission request which includes information about yourself and your personal data (used for Astrology). Specific details related to classes and admission will be agreed upon before the beginning of the course.  Or ask your personal yogateacher for the organization of group courses held in TRIKA ashram.


Upon successful completion of the Tantra Yoga Retreat Course in TRIKA ashram, the students receive a certificate.

What to bring: 

White comfortable asana clothes (preferably cotton) to practice yoga asanas, torch, shawl, towel, writing pad, a compact umbrella (if you are coming during monsoon time), minimum private things (to experience a new environment with minimum habitual things is a part of the transformative process.)

We request our students not to use any chemical soaps, washing powders, shampoos, toiletry items, cosmetics etc. We are striving towards a chemical free land which we use for organic farming of vegetables, fruits, herbs, medicinal plants for own consumption.

Kindly note: 

*For Art students we can provide at this moment only Visual Art classes next to Yoga Sadhana course.
*The spoken and teaching language of the ashram is English. Courses in Russian, German are available. As well as translations into Japanese or Dutch languages.
*The daily schedule, time and activities may vary according to season and need.
*For further information and enrolment, please e-mail us at