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An ‘ashram’ is a space where a group of people are united through a certain way and goal in life and whom are guided by a certain Parampara (lineage/tradition). In this kind of spiritual community one is given a chance to adjust and develop their potentialities in the most homogenic and attuned way possible while remaining independent from any social or mainstream type of environments.
Trika ashram project is offering a special chance to those people with both spiritual and artistic qualities. It is for those who are also willing and able to go through this transformative process of Tantra Yogic discipline in order to reach ultimate bliss, satisfaction and freedom. While at the same time be able to share this experience with others. The project of Trika ashram is based on the practical use and timeless wisdom of Vastu (structure and composition of plot, buildings) and Ayurved (daily life, diet- ‘vegetarian’, body care, etc.). Only natural and ecological materials are used for the buildings, walls, dress, body, and hair care. And the food will come directly from the local farms.

Participation in the educational process at the ashram has three stages:

  • beginners (3 month course)
  • advanced (6 month course)
  • residential- for those who are able and ready to be a part of ashram life, parampara, and of the community of yogi-artists.

Actuall Information about courses in Ashram: download

Project Trika art ashram has united two geographical and cultural poles of the body of India: the Himalayas in North India and Tamil Nadu in the South. This is a kind of energetic, cultural axis, a figurative spine which has played a crucially important role as a form of sacred geography. The Himalayas can be associated with the agya and sahasrara chakras. Tamil Nadu can be associated with the mooladhara chakra. The whole drama of Tantra Yogic self-realization is the process and the experience of uniting our polarities (our ‘south’ and ‘north’ and our ‘plus’ and ‘minus’).


The ashram area in the Himalayas (near Rishikesh) is in a natural and peaceful setting, surrounded by expansive hills, covered with jungle which are governed by wild animals, elephants, tigers, leopards, bears, deer, countless birds, etc. This area for thousands of years was and still is a natural home, asylum, and academy for many generations of yogis (the wandering yogis and also those who have settled in ashrams). Here are many places, spots, and caves where the great rishis and kings of ancient India used to meditate. This meditative field created by generations of yogis is still alive today. It can be likened to an oasis or island which is surviving the flood of commercial industries and markets while at the same time nourishing and supporting those who have some inner sense and meditative tuning. This is the key to meditative Tantra Yogic art.


The ashram area in Tamil Nadu is near Tiruvanamalai, (aka "Rishikesh"of the South) holy mountain, fire lingam of Shiva; a place that stimulates the inner transformative
fire which is necessary for energy ascendance and which will also help one’s development in a ‘true tantra yogic art process’.
The ashram's plot is situated next to the old temple of Vedyapar (a great saint and devotee of Shiva) which is surrounded by three sacred trees and old statues of elephants and horses. One will also behold South Indian cultured and preserved vedic and agamic treatises (in the form of temple culture, rituals, music, dancing, sculpture etc.) which has all been responsible for supporting and guiding creative yogis and artists for the past generations.


Painting of
         Swami Amrit Mahamedha's
Tantra Art Gallery


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